What Does the Check TPMS System Mean on Acura?

TPMS is a representation of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

The check TPMS sensor produces a warning light that signifies that the pressure condition is very low or too high in one or all of your vehicle wheels, or most likely, the sensors are not functional or missing.

The Check TPMS is designed to work together with the telltale to detect the malfunction and send signals to the telltale, which produces a flash of lights.

The lights remain on until the malfunction is fixed.

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The Cause of Check TPMS System

The light from the Check TPMS system is caused by a tire pressure dropping which may have resulted from the weather conditions such as cold.

With the increase in the temperature to the normal conditions of driving, the light is automatically turned off.

But if the cold conditions persist, resulting in a longer duration of lights being on, then check the pressure of the tires.

And you want to make sure that the tire has the accurate pressure that it should have by inflating it.

The acceptable range of pressure is specified on each door placard.

Low or high pressure, however, is the primary reason for the production of light by the TPMS system on Acura.

There are other causes, such as faulty sensors, blocked signal that combines with the electronics fault, or dead batteries.

Diagnosis of the Low-Pressure Problem

The “Check TPMS System” warning sign on Acura diagnoses helps diagnose the problem and inform the driver of the tire pressure condition.

Especially if the existing amount of pressure available is below 25% of the placard.

Immediately after the sensor has indicated the low pressure, the radio frequency of signal 433 or 315MHz is sent to the ECU available on the vehicle, which determines the pressure.

This is then indicated by the TPMS sign depending on the kind of vehicle.

The Cost Incurred in Repair

The approximate cost incurred in repairing the Check TPMS system Acura is 80 to 140$ per sensor, which depends on the model of the car.

Each TPMS system costs $30 to approximately $40 per tire, and the labor costs are approximately $10 to $40.

The amazing part is if your car is under warranty, the TPMS sensor is fixed freely.

Precautions to Prevent Future Problems

1. To prevent the Check TPMS from producing light, the driver should ensure that the pressure level is constantly monitored daily because once the lights are on and the driver continues to drive, it can be dangerous. The most appropriate time to check the tire pressure is 3 hours after parking is done; this is because once the car is in motion, the tire is heated up by friction, resulting in a pressure increase in the tire, giving incorrect readings.

2. If the Check TPMS system does not provide warning signs on the dashboard, have it checked by a certified mechanic. Other mechanics who are not certified might endanger your life indirectly.

3. Always ensure that you reset the Check TPMS system Acura after the sensor replacements.

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